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Some +DSP graphs I’ve built

I thought I’d share these.

Over the past weeks I’ve been rebuilding my guitar sounds by trying to use as much +DSP processing as possible. This got me building a collection of graphs that I use as the basis of my effects, I change these afterwards for each sound. Since it took me a while to actually find useful starting points to begin implementing these, I think it might be useful to others to have what I came up with at their disposal.

Put them under Library/Preferences/MIOPlugInPresets/Graphs/ starting from your home directory. Best is to create a directory under there that will contain your custom graphs, anyway that’s what I do.

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  1. bscarola says

    Thanks for sharing this! The site looks great too.

  2. Geert says

    Thanks! Hope other community members will latch on to this site and start contributing content too :-)

  3. ayos says

    nothing’s on these links but a FB account that says g.bevin has 120 fans :-(

  4. Geert says

    Very sorry about this, I think the config might have gotten screwed up, I’ll have a look as soon as possible.

  5. Geert says

    It should be fixed now, can you try again?