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Monitors, level and pads

Near field monitors like to see monitor level audio signals, which is roughly 30 dB down from line level. This means that the outputs of our MIOs have to be turned down significantly to make the monitors happy.

This is no problem on the ULN-8 since it has an analog domain volume control that goes all the way down to mute, however this is not the case for the 2882.

When the 2882’s outputs are ran hotter, they sound better. In this case, it’s generally recommended to get a pair of inline balanced pads to put in between the 2882’s outputs and the near field monitors, and then run the 2882 at full-scale output level.

These are some pads that have been recommended on the MobileIO mailing list:

Another option seems to be to build your own attenuators by placing high-quality resistors inside a balanced cable connector, or you can build your own pads:

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  1. adamjay says

    This is very helpful information for 2882 users. i always felt that there was something off regarding the gain stage between my 2882 and my Genelecs.

    I highly recommend the A-Designs ATTY 2-channel passive attenuator for use with the 2882. It gives you a rotary trim knob for more precise tuning of levels to your monitors, allowing you to still run the 2882 outputs nice and hot. And with the ATTY’s hybrid 1/4″/XLR input, and XLR output, it interfaces well with the 2882’s 1/4″ inputs and most monitors XLR inputs. No need for converter cables, i run my 2882 into the ATTY with short molded Mogami 1/4″ TRS patch cables.

    Since they are built like tanks, finding a used one makes for a good deal.
    You can find them on eBay and Gearslutz classifieds for $60-$75 second-hand.

  2. Geert says

    Thanks Adam, I included your recommendation in the list.