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Leave your guitar cord plugged into the Mobile I/O

In my studio/rehearsal room I usually leave all microphone cables and instrument cables plugged into my 2882 and ULN-8. However, since my guitars have active pickups and piezos I don’t leave the instrument cable plugged into them since otherwise my batteries would deplete in record time!

It’s not recommended though to leave instrument cables lying around without them being terminated since you might accidentally turn your MIOs on before connected your instruments and then all mayhem might break loose on your speakers or headphones.

Neutrik silent plug

I found the ideal solution for this in Neutrik’s silent plugs. I built a collection of instrument cables with these plugs on one end, and then just leave them lying around. Another nice boon is when playing live, you never have to ask the sound engineer if it’s ok to plug or unplug your guitar, which is very nice!

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