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How to install custom graphs

If you have a +DSP license for your Mobile I/O, you can build your own DSP graphs or use pre-built ones to get instant results.

This is how you install them:

  • unzip the downloaded graph archive
  • open Library/Preferences/MIOPlugInPresets/Graphs/ in the finder, starting from your home
  • create a dedicated directory there for custom graphs, for instance Library/Preferences/MIOPlugInPresets/Graphs/MIOZone (this is not really needed, but it’s a good idea to keep these separate for maintenance)
  • move the unzipped graph file into that directory
  • restart your MIO Console
  • open a graph window and you’ll find the new graphs in the pop-up menu next to the ‘patches’ label where it says ‘Factory Default’ (see screenshot below)

MIO console access custom graphs

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